Thursday, August 27, 2009


We had an appointment with the Neurosurgeon today, to discuss the surgery tomorrow, etc.
Apparently he hadn't looked at the actual films from the angiogram (he was out of town, so they just read him the report the radiologist had written up). So when he looked at them today while we were there, he realized it was in quite a complicated place, he said it was pretty rare to have them occur here. So it was decided, after much thought on his end, double checking, as well as 2nd opinions from his colleagues, that surgery/clipping would not be a good option.

The aneurysm hasn't formed inside the dura (the lining on the brain basically), but under it, inside my "intra-cavernous sinus", which is a bone surrounded area near the brain, that the carotid artery runs through, as well as the optical nerves. If he were to go and try to clip the aneurysm from there, it would cut my optical nerves as well.

The best option would be to coil it, which is done endovascularly. They would go in through my femoral artery, just like the angiogram, and insert a wire, which would then insert multiple coils of platinum wire inside the aneurysm, causing it to clot. Generally, clipping is best for aneurysms in the brain, because coiling isn't always 100% effective. The blood can work it's way around the coils, causing more growth of the aneurysm, and possible rupture still in the future. But in this case where mine is located, if it were to rupture it wouldn't cause death like it likely would in the actual brain, somewhat less serious complications would occur.

I have an appointment with the neuro-radiologist Sept. 8th for a consultation. He will make sure he agrees that is the best way to handle it, and we'll go from there. It will likely be an outpatient procedure since it's just going through my leg, so that would be great!
So for now he said to just not to anything too strenuous, heavy lifting, etc. but not to worry about it too much, it will be okay until then.
I'm probably missing some details or something, but we just got back and are trying to process all this, so we'll keep you all updated!


  1. You've got such a great attitude about this whole thing! September 8? I'd be pretty ticked if I had to wait another two whole weeks just to see if someone else agrees whether or not it was a good idea to wait two more weeks. Naturally you want them to be very careful and perform the right procedure, but it's the waiting and deliberating that's hard to understand. No strenuous activities... Guess you'll have to put your career as a professional weight lifter on hold for a while.

  2. Sorry, forgot to acknowledge how GREAT it is to know the aneurysm itself is so much less threatening. Hooray for that!

  3. Wow, this has been a rollercoaster for you! I'm glad to hear it isn't as life-threatening as we were afraid of.

  4. I'm glad you've kept this blog Nette. It helps so you don't have to explain everything a million times. I love you so much!! Please, let me know what I can do!!

  5. Wow! Jeanette! I just found your blog tonight! So good to get the updates, but I'm sorry that you're dealing with so much right now! Can I ask who your neurosurgeon was that made the alternate recommendations? You probably know that I work at the hospital, and I'm curious to know the doctors making these decisions!? Hope all goes well! My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family!
    Cammie (Davis) Andersen

  6. I also can't believe that you have to wait again. Don't Dr's get it! "waiting time" is torture. Please let me know when your family has a fast for you-I'd lve to be a part of that.