Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Few new things and lots of waiting.

Today I called the nephrologist to see if they would be able to get me in soon, they said it depended on the referral from my Doctor (which I made sure they knew was urgent), and set an appt. for Sept. 2nd. Obviously I didn't want to wait that long while I was in pain and had no idea what was going on! So, I called my doctor back, and had him explain more of what they saw on the CT scan, which was done on Friday, he also said he would call the Neph tomorrow and make them get me in asap.
So on the CT they saw "a few small cysts on my liver", which from what I've read is an incidental finding, but it does limit, even more, what I'm allowed to eat (no soy for sure now).
It also showed that on my left kidney (where I'm currently having all the pain), is an enlarged cyst that has hemorraghed, probably because of the infection, but no idea for now. But there were also two small stones, one that wasn't obstructing anything, and one that was right in the line of my ureter.
So! Knowing that information made things a little more interesting, stressful.. but, what can ya do. So hopefully I'll know in the morning if I've got an appointment or not.

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  1. Thanks for letting us know what's going on. Love you!!!