Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Scheduled.. again.

We met with the new surgeon (the endovascular surgeon, Doctor Jacobs) yesterday. He went over everything with us and was certain doing the coiling would be the best method. We initially thought the surgery wouldn't be scheduled until the end of October, but they called back today and said there was an opening this Tuesday, the 15th, so that is set. yay!
They started me on Plavix today (blood thinner), have to be on it for a week before the surgery. And I have to go see the Neurologist (different from the surgeon) in SLC tomorrow afternoon for a pre-op evaluation, I think it's just because they want my money... hahah ;)

The (short version) procedure:
They will give me a general anesthetic, go in through my leg, insert a stent (a small, mesh-like tube that will support the artery, as well as block the aneurysm clot that will form, from coming out) in the artery, and insert the platinum coils, both of which will stay there permanently. The coils cause blood to stick to them, eventually just causing a scar in that area. I will then be moved to the ICU overnight, and sent home the next day, awesome! He said I'll be able to be up and around some, and be back to normal within a week if not sooner.

Aah, I'm so anxious to just get back to "normal", go back to the gym, lift stuff, etc., etc. So glad it's getting closer to that point now!
Thanks again to everyone for all the prayers and support through all this crazy stuff! I can't thank you enough!