Monday, October 15, 2012

Fun times at the ER!

My heart likes to go crazy at random times (whether relaxing or working out). It's happened many times before, probably every few weeks or so, but usually not for an extended amount of time (that's only now and then). Up until now all they've been able to figure out is I have tachycardia.
A couple of years ago, the first time a big one happened was pretty bad, my heart was beating over 200 bpm, lying down, for quite a while. Went to the ER but it regulated itself before they were able to get the right tests or medications.
They ran a ton of tests afterwards at the cardiologist, but weren't able to find anything conclusive and sent me on my way.
Tonight it happened again for long enough to get to the ER and for them to get the EKG they needed. The tachycardia wouldn't stop or slow down, so they had to stop my heart with some drugs, just a split second of time, which would reset the electrical signals so it would beat normally again. They gave me one dose and it didn't reset, so they took more tests and then gave me a second, stronger one, which ended up working to reset it. It was an indescribable feeling, pretty bleh, painful and yucky, like my heart was 40 lbs and trying to escape my body ha. It made me really emotional for some reason, I wanted to cry but had no rational reason for it, I described it like pms! ;) 
The stronger dose worked and they gave me another medicine to make sure it would stay under control at least through the night, with strict orders to call their heart dr in the morning, who would get me right in. The Dr said they would probably want to do an ablation, where they essentially cauterize (burn off) the part of my heart that's causing the malfunction.
So that's where we are now. They said I can just go back to normal, just to watch for anything happening again obviously, and to make sure I get into the other doctor they recommended. I think that's all, Nate might have more to add since he was a little more aware of what was happening!

Thank you again to all my kind friends and family for your prayers, offers of help and sweet thoughts. I love you all so much and am truly grateful for you!

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